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Vintaj Arte Metal Jewelry Designs

Vintaj Arte Metal is a ferrite-based alloy.  It is 100% nickel and lead free compliant just like the Vintaj Natural Brass line.  Eco-friendly, “green” processes are used to age both metals which include rubbing with natural oils to achieve their unique color and luster.  No environmentally harmful chemicals are used in our process.   These are not plated in any way, but left in their natural state.
Key to My Heart Necklace
Violet Garden Necklace
The necklace above features the following Vintaj products: ADP0007, ADP0023, AP0018, C4H10, CH30, CL45.

Altered Daisies

Antique Coin Bracelet – Designer: Mackie Mullane. Components include: Ancient Chinese Coin, AHW018, ADP0025, CL0004, JR60, JRD10. The Antique Coin can be secured with Vintaj Bronze 24g wire or Artistic
Wire Gun Metal 24g wire
. Use an embossing die or embossing folder to create the embossed effect.

Sweet Lovin Necklace – Designer: Rose Noble. Components include: AHW018, ACL50, CHW0008, VPK34827,
CHW0004, Petite Etched Cable Chain, DP0005, P290. Use the 1/8″ metal letter stamps or select another cool font!

The necklace above, designed by Wendy Mullane, uses the following Vintaj Brass and Arte Metal components:
Bamboo Bezel Large Pendant, model no. 9317
, Deco Vines Filigree – wrap, model no. 6971, Bird Charm, model no. 6938, Nail Head Rivet 1/4″, model no. RV010, Round Keyhole Decorivet, model no. 13040, Crimp End 8mm, model no. 7856, Suede Cord – Dark Brown, model no. 5226, Jump Ring – 7.25mm, model no. 5638.

Copper Fields
Vintaj Jewelry Design - Purple Pansy
The necklace above, designed by Mackie Mullane, uses Vintaj Patina Kit – Antique Window, Vintaj
Arte Metal Nouveau Floret ADP0002
, Vintaj Scrolled Filigree Ring, Vintaj Delicate Crest Filigree.

Rock On


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New Ornate Flat Tags from Nunn Design

I love the new ornate flat tags from Nunn Designs! Here are some ideas of what to do with them.

In the samples below made by Nunn Design, the top cuff uses Nunn Design Flat Tag Ornate Ensign Pendant, which has been modified.  Use the metal hole punch plier or two hole metal punch to make the extra holes:

We had a little fun in our shop stamping and creating.  I (Vicki) made a pendant to represent my desire to feel queenly. In the sample below, I used the crown design stamp, an old stamping set that I got at an estate sale with extra large letters, and used Ranger Alcohol Ink copper mixative with the Nunn Design Ornate Regiment Flat Tag Pendant:

his sample uses Aras upper case & Aras lower case and Dove design stamp, with black sharpie Vintaj Patina Verdigris on the Nunn Design Ornate Flat Tag Tablet Pendant.

The sample below is a tag for Sara’s cat Conway.  It uses the Nunn Design Ornate Flat Tag Oval, with a 1/8″ Letter Punch set and Full Heart design stamp. It is colored with Vintaj Weathered Copper Patinas, Ranger Alcohol Ink Red Pepper (part of Tuscan Garden).


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