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Vintaj Arte Metal Jewelry Designs

Vintaj Arte Metal is a ferrite-based alloy.  It is 100% nickel and lead free compliant just like the Vintaj Natural Brass line.  Eco-friendly, “green” processes are used to age both metals which include rubbing with natural oils to achieve their unique color and luster.  No environmentally harmful chemicals are used in our process.   These are not plated in any way, but left in their natural state.
Key to My Heart Necklace
Violet Garden Necklace
The necklace above features the following Vintaj products: ADP0007, ADP0023, AP0018, C4H10, CH30, CL45.

Altered Daisies

Antique Coin Bracelet – Designer: Mackie Mullane. Components include: Ancient Chinese Coin, AHW018, ADP0025, CL0004, JR60, JRD10. The Antique Coin can be secured with Vintaj Bronze 24g wire or Artistic
Wire Gun Metal 24g wire
. Use an embossing die or embossing folder to create the embossed effect.

Sweet Lovin Necklace – Designer: Rose Noble. Components include: AHW018, ACL50, CHW0008, VPK34827,
CHW0004, Petite Etched Cable Chain, DP0005, P290. Use the 1/8″ metal letter stamps or select another cool font!

The necklace above, designed by Wendy Mullane, uses the following Vintaj Brass and Arte Metal components:
Bamboo Bezel Large Pendant, model no. 9317
, Deco Vines Filigree – wrap, model no. 6971, Bird Charm, model no. 6938, Nail Head Rivet 1/4″, model no. RV010, Round Keyhole Decorivet, model no. 13040, Crimp End 8mm, model no. 7856, Suede Cord – Dark Brown, model no. 5226, Jump Ring – 7.25mm, model no. 5638.

Copper Fields
Vintaj Jewelry Design - Purple Pansy
The necklace above, designed by Mackie Mullane, uses Vintaj Patina Kit – Antique Window, Vintaj
Arte Metal Nouveau Floret ADP0002
, Vintaj Scrolled Filigree Ring, Vintaj Delicate Crest Filigree.

Rock On


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Love is the Key that Opens All Doors

Keys to the Queendom Necklace 10% off
Now $35.99 2/14/13 & 2/15 only!

New Necklace & Earring Designs – Ruby Tuesday

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New Necklace Design – Amazing Amazonite!

Amazing Amazonite Necklace

We offer the ingredients to make our newest necklace design individually as well as a necklace kit. This necklace is also available already assembled. The inner diameter of this necklace is approximately 18″ inches.


  • 1 Amazonite Cabochon
  • 10 Amazonite Chips
  • 5 Swarovski Tahitian 8mm crystal pearls
  • 8 Swarovski Tahitian 6mm crystal pearls
  • 1 Vintaj Princess Cut filigree
  • 1 Vintaj Diamond Swirl Filigree
  • 6 Vintaj JR30 5.25mm jump rings
  • 10 Vintaj nickel-free brass 1.5″ eyepins
  • 4 Vintaj nickel-free brass 1″ headpin
  • 4 Vintaj nickel-free brass 2″ headpin
  • 1 Vintaj Swirl clasp set
  • 11″ Vintaj cable chain with flattened loops
  • Vintaj Melon spacer beads
  • Vintaj Beech Leaves
  • Vintaj Arte Metal Tiered Leaves
  • Vintaj Daisy Bead Caps
  • 1 foot 24g Artistic Wire gun metal or Vintaj Bronze wire

Techniques Used

Tools Needed

Go to the design idea page for instructions.
Make earrings to match!
Choose one of these designs or design your own!

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New Necklace & Earring Designs – Mediterranean Cruise!

Imagine the beauty and expansiveness of the Mediterranean Sea. Capture the elegance of dinner on a Mediterranean Cruise in this necklace & earring set! This fabulous lampwork bead that this design centers around is a limited edition, available only while supplies last.

Another option to go with this necklace could be the Mediterranean Heiress Earrings:

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Grant me the Serenity…

Autumn Gingko Earring Kit

Autumn Gingko Earring Kit

to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can
and the wisdom to know the difference.

By now, you’ve seen this verse/ prayer around.  But did you know that this thinking will also free your mind to enhance your creativity?

It’s always a little heartbreaking to have someone come into the shop looking for a bead of a specific color, shape, size, and material, and not have to offer exactly what they are looking for.  These people are on a mission for one specific thing, and for some, nothing else will satisfy them.  It seems that there is nothing I can do about it except to offer my regret that I cannot help them more.

I will always show them what is similar to what they are looking for, and other options that  they have for completing their project without that specific thing.  Some people are receptive to this and some are not.  Some people get quite upset that we don’t have what they want.  I suffer a little bit with them.

Circles of control and influenceIn a past career as a corporate trainer, I took away a valuable visual model for freeing the mind of unnecessary distress.  We can put all the things we can put our attention on into one of three categories: what we can control, what we can influence, and what we have no control or influence over.

What we have no control or influence over: the past, the economy, terrorism, the weather, the seasons, the price of silver, what we find when we are looking for something, what other people want and need.

What we can control: our own behavior, our choices, our willingness to learn something new, our actions in educating ourselves, our flexibility in opening our view, whether we seek help or go it on our own, whether we focus on what is available to us or what is not available to us, the requests that we make, whether we make requests or demands, whether we are open to receiving.

What we can influence: other people’s behavior in responding to us, our health, our community and society, our satisfaction.


We have just introduced our next session of classes, including more from Marilyn. Check them out!

The more we put attention on what we have no control or influence over, the more we increase our stress, and the smaller our circle of influence becomes.  Putting our attention on what we can control, reduces our stress, and as a nice side effect, increases what we have influence over.   We can influence how people respond to us by whether we are focusing on things we have no control over or things that we do.

We had Marilyn Peters teach a class at Bead Inspirations last weekend.  She helped people design their multi-dimensional bracelets, using the materials we had in the shop, including Swarovski pearls, crystals, and seed beads.  What was delightful for me to witness is how she helped people focus on what products we had that they could make their projects with.  There was never a comment about what we didn’t have.  I was heartened because I knew that this focus would help the students’ creativity flourish.  I loved seeing the pallets they chose and can’t wait to see the finished bracelets!

Autumn Love Necklace Kit

Autumn Love Necklace Kit

For those who live outside of the area, take heart! We are in the process of putting instructions for our kits on our website.  It will take time, so please have patience, and stay tuned.  Those on our email list will be notified as they come online. The first one done is our popular Autumn Love necklace.  Thanks to Carol Bernau, Bead Inspirations instructor and staff member for writing these up and putting them online.

It is a good reminder for me to remember to be open to receiving the blessings of the universe.  I’m choosing to be open to where my blessings will come from, rather than try to control this.  I will also choose to be grateful for what I do receive, and free up my creative spirit to do its thing.

Vicki Lapp


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What are you letting go of?

Silver Key Necklace KitIn order to make room for the emergence or birth of something new, we may need to let go of something first.

When I traveled to Nepal many years ago, I was fascinated to find that one of the most popular of the Hindu deities there was Shiva, the god of destruction.  It made sense that sometimes something has to be destroyed before you can build something new.  However, I never felt comfortable that on the dashboards of some of the busses I rode were statues of Shiva.

Last month we opened up our staff meeting by having each person name something that they were letting go of and a quality that they were bringing forth.  I declared that I was letting go of a sense of hurry and bringing forth presence.  Another said that she was letting go of frustration and bringing forth calmness.  As each person named what they were letting go of, a spirit of light-heartedness came forward as we laughed at ourselves for what we have been hanging on to.

Passion Necklace Kit - Vintaj Bead Jewelry KitSome of my happiest dreams are of flying, though they don’t happen often.  When I have those dreams it is after I have let go of some type of emotional baggage that I had been habitually carrying.

Recently we were selling at a local bead show and after finishing our set up we were waiting for customers to arrive.  When I am in the shop and there are no customers, there is an endless amount of computer work and inventory work to do.  This was an odd sensation: without my computer I had no work that I could do!  So having let go of work, and surrounded by beautiful beads and a few beading tools and jewelry findings, I made jewelry. What fun! The creativity poured through me as I made three new necklaces.   It helped to have beautiful lampwork beads from Unicorne, Vintaj filigree, and Nunn Design chains.  But more importantly  it helped to let go of the computer.  By the way, the new necklaces have become jewelry kits: Mystical Ocean, Passion, and Silver Key necklaces.Mystical Ocean Necklace Kit - Vintaj filigree bead jewelry kit

What are you willing to let go of in order to create something new?  If nothing immediately comes to mind, consider letting go of one of these: thinking you aren’t good enough, telling yourself you are not creative, comparing yourself to others, or trying to please someone else.

Letting go doesn’t have to be an event, like you have to get divorced before you can marry again.  It can be a daily practice to enrich your creativity.  Everyday you can ask yourself: what am I letting go of and what do I want to being forth?

Vicki Lapp

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Creativity and Criticism

It has been striking for me to notice how different it is to teach beading to a class of adults compared to a class of kids.  Everyone can typically follow the step by step instructions to learn the techniques easily enough.  But when it comes to jewelry designing, the two groups as a whole approach it very differently.

I have a little speech that I give adults so they can feel safe letting their creative side express itself.  I remind them that everyone is naturally creative.  I suggest that they don’t compare themselves to anyone else.  Don’t put pressure on yourself to make your design perfect; designing is a process of trial and error.  You don’t have to figure it all out in advance, beads are forgiving; get started stringing and if you change your mind, you can always change it.  As I speak these words to the adults, I can visibly see them relaxing.

After having taught beading classes to adults in the San Francisco Bay Area, I taught a kid’s class and started to give my “everyone is creative” speech.   The kids showed no signs of interest; they were ready to start creating now!

Why the difference in the two groups?  I believe that it is because the kids have not yet had so much criticism that it debilitated their creativity.  As adults, we have a stockpile of memories of when someone told us that what we were doing was not ________ enough.  The more we heard it, the more we believed it.  Even long after the outside critical voice has gone silent, the echoes live in us as our inner critic.   It is not the criticism itself, it is how we relate to it, that affects our creativity.

I have learned to evaluate whether to hold the other person’s feedback with more weight than my own point of view.  A friend told me that she has learned, “Just because someone says something doesn’t mean that it is true.”  Sometimes the gift is learning to trust myself to discern how much to value the other’s feedback.Softness

One Friday at Bead Night I was putting a necklace together.  I had decided on a filigree-wrapped pink calcite focal bead.   Something was missing for me, and I hooked on a piece of chain with a pearl and asked the other gals if they thought the addition worked.  The lack of enthusiasm in their response (which I sometimes hear as criticism) told me it wasn’t working.  Still I felt that I was on the right track and stuck with my inner vision.  I shortened the chain and then the feedback was unanimous approval.  The finished necklace design is now a bead jewelry kit on our website called, “Softness“.

I believe that feedback is a gift, although it doesn’t always feel that way at first.  Warren Wiersbe is known to say, “Truth without love is brutality, and love without truth is hypocrisy.”  I use this as my guide, and make sure that the love, the heart that someone puts into something, does not go unacknowledged amidst my “constructive feedback”.

I do not always get to choose when, from where or how criticism may come.  When it comes my way, I can look within my heart to see what I can learn from it.  If I can be in touch with the beauty of who I am deep inside, a goal that is not always easy to accomplish, then I can keep the criticism in its true perspective.

Vicki Lapp

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