Beautiful Zipper Pulls

Robbie came into my Alameda bead shop with 3 dresses with zippers down the back.  With her arthritic hands, she finds them difficult to pull up and down with the tiny little zipper pull that comes standard on the zipper.  She talked with a friend about a possible solution and they thought that putting a loop of some type on the zipper instead of the standard zipper pull would be better, and that Bead Inspirations might have just the thing.  Then she could use a hook to pull it up and down.  So we looked through our toggle clasps and Vintaj components section to find some things that were decorative enough for the dresses.

I attached them with a jump ring over the existing zipper pull.  For the silver toggle ring, we used the nice heavy rhodium-plated jump ring.  With the Vintaj components, we used the Vintaj 7.25mm brass jump ring.

On one of the dresses, the neckline had a lot going on, so she didn’t expect to wear jewelry with it.  So we added a little decoration to the zipper pull.  We used the Vintaj Waterlily Pendant, added Vintaj Brass Fine Ornate Chain and crystals.
It was fun to help her with this creative solution. Robbie’s going to look great in her new dresses at her upcoming events!


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  1. Robby Kiley

    The BeadInspiration pulls combined with a chain&hook combination that Jessy at Paganos constructed mean it’s a snap for me to both get into and out of my dresses with full-length back zippers. Thanks Shirley, Vicki & Jessy!

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