Summer Heat Design Challenge Now Open for Voting!

We are excited to unveil the submissions for our customer jewelry design challenge! Vote now for your favorite interpretation of “Summer Heat”!  Customers were required to use glazed clay beads purchased from Bead Inspirations, and expand their design ideas using other beads and materials. Please vote for your favorite jewelry submission at the bottom of this page! Votes will be accepted online now through midnight July 28, 2013.  Challenge Winner will be posted on Wednesday, July 31.  Winner will receive a $50 gift certificate for the Bead Inspirations webstore.

Silver Blue Jeans Dangle Earrings

Silver Blue Jeans Dangle Earrings “After taking the earring making how to class at Bead Inspirations, I’ve had fun making them. Silver Blue Jeans was created because I like the look of the clay beads, the color and spotted pattern reminds me of well washed jean pants. Silver beads were added for a sparkle. The versatility of jean pants for casual to casual dressy, I feel that I’ve also shown in the earrings. Adding the chain, to make them dangle, is something new in creating earrings that I’m currently trying out!”

Moon Goddess Necklace

Moon Goddess “As soon as I saw those giant greenish blue beads I felt called to make a piece with them. I love their largeness, round shape and vivid turquoise-like color and I wanted to make a necklace that provided a ” setting” to showcase these beads. The necklace is designed to focus the eye on the 3 big round beads so that the viewer can appreciate them without being distracted by anything else.”

Days on the Beach Necklace

Days on the Beach “The glazed clay heart anchors the necklace and symbolizes my love of summertime at the ocean’s edge. Yellow glazed beads represent rays of sunshine; crystals represent the water’s sparkle; pewter fish, abalone, freshwater pearls, and sea glass beads are treasures from the ocean.”

Sunrise over the Water Necklace

Sunrise Over the Water “I’ve always been inspired by water, and I like to make “bohemian-style everyday wear” to reflect that. The colors of these beads felt like sunrise, and I spiraled the knots in the cord to make my waves. I picture this as a fun necklace to wear walking along the beach.”

Twist of Lime Necklace

Twist of Lime Necklace “As soon as I read “Summer Heat” I was transported to summer’s past visiting my grandmother in the 1950’s. The corner drug store had a soda fountain where they made the most delicious lime rickies, and my friends and I spent many sweltering afternoons there. When I saw the green beads, everything came together, memories filled with lots of ice and refreshing green limes for my “Twist of Lime” necklace !!!!!”

Earthly Delight Necklace

Earthly Delight Necklace “The clay bead pieces I selected are very organic and playful. When designing the necklace I felt that the findings should have those qualities, too. Hence, leaves, hearts, kitty cat findings and flower clasp. The colors within these beads are deep aqua and pale mint, and I wanted to make a fuller feel to the necklace with three strands. I felt the coloring of the clay beads, pearls and multi-colored seed beads called for warm copper beads and findings.”

Glazed Beads with Tree Pendant

Glazed Beads with Tree Pendant “My original idea was a necklace with a goddess pendant, as though it was found at some Goddess site of long ago. However, the goddess pendant looked too big on this short necklace so I substituted the bronze tree pendant, as I have a strong affinity for trees.”

Thank you to all of our customers who entered their inspiring designs!  If any of these designs inspire your creative juices, check out our selection of glazed clay beads.  Want to know when the next design challenge is happening?  Join our email list!


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