Do what you love….

There are always going to be the things we have to do or “should” do gnawing at us.  Let’s be vigilant in protecting the time that we spend doing what we love to do so that the demands of life don’t suck the life out of us.  Even if we’ve forgotten to tend to what we love, we can always start now.  I say this because I need to hear it, and imagine that I may be speaking for others as well.  Do you relate?

My most recent necklace design is now on our website.  Pretty in Prehnite uses Vintaj natural brass chain and findings, Tierracast brass oxide components, glazed clay, and natural prehnite.  Prehnite is a stone that is associated with unconditional love, perfect for when we need to treat ourselves with more love!
Pretty in Prehnite Necklace Kit


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One response to “Do what you love….

  1. I totally agree. Doing what you love is the best way to stay creative and content. Good luck on your crafting.

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