The Joy of Co-creating

Jean Wolslegel

Jean making her own Sundance-inspired bracelet

We have a regular gang for Bead Night at our shop in Alameda, and I love the sense of comfort and belonging that we share.  What I’m really delighted by is the opportunities that arise for co-creating.  There is an excitement and synergy that are present when someone adds their contribution to another person’s design.

Last night, Jean Wolslegel mentioned how much she liked the new necklace that I made during the week.   It started off with my decision to experiment with Gilders Paste.  I had put Gilders Paste on a Vintaj brass filigree and then polished up.

Gilded Lace Necklace

Gilded Lace Necklace

Our customer Amy Allen was in the shop and had inspired me to use the particular combination of Swarovski crystals and faceted glass rondelles.  Another customer helped me decide on the combination of bead caps from Nunn Design and Tierracast.  Lydia Chapman helped with the finishing touch of the dangle hanging from the filigree. I was proud of what “I” had made, and until I began writing this, I had forgotten how many people had helped me co-create  it.

Annie Rutter

Annie Rutter at Bead Night

So last night, after Jean commented on the new necklace, Annie Rutter got curious about the gilders paste.  So we got it out and started playing with it on some other components.  I loved how Annie used it on the Mythical Wings from Vintaj.  Even more, I loved her input on a new necklace that I was putting together. I used a Vintaj princess filigree around a blue hemimorphite focal bead. This got wired to another filigree. I strung up some harlequin beads, Swarovski crystals, and Swarovski pearls with little spacers.  I stayed up late to finish it, but relished in the creative flow.

Gilded Luna-Sea

Gilded Luna-Sea

It’s so much fun when it is a group effort!

Vicki Lapp

P.S. It was great to see Evan and Holly at bead night too!


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