What are you letting go of?

Silver Key Necklace KitIn order to make room for the emergence or birth of something new, we may need to let go of something first.

When I traveled to Nepal many years ago, I was fascinated to find that one of the most popular of the Hindu deities there was Shiva, the god of destruction.  It made sense that sometimes something has to be destroyed before you can build something new.  However, I never felt comfortable that on the dashboards of some of the busses I rode were statues of Shiva.

Last month we opened up our staff meeting by having each person name something that they were letting go of and a quality that they were bringing forth.  I declared that I was letting go of a sense of hurry and bringing forth presence.  Another said that she was letting go of frustration and bringing forth calmness.  As each person named what they were letting go of, a spirit of light-heartedness came forward as we laughed at ourselves for what we have been hanging on to.

Passion Necklace Kit - Vintaj Bead Jewelry KitSome of my happiest dreams are of flying, though they don’t happen often.  When I have those dreams it is after I have let go of some type of emotional baggage that I had been habitually carrying.

Recently we were selling at a local bead show and after finishing our set up we were waiting for customers to arrive.  When I am in the shop and there are no customers, there is an endless amount of computer work and inventory work to do.  This was an odd sensation: without my computer I had no work that I could do!  So having let go of work, and surrounded by beautiful beads and a few beading tools and jewelry findings, I made jewelry. What fun! The creativity poured through me as I made three new necklaces.   It helped to have beautiful lampwork beads from Unicorne, Vintaj filigree, and Nunn Design chains.  But more importantly  it helped to let go of the computer.  By the way, the new necklaces have become jewelry kits: Mystical Ocean, Passion, and Silver Key necklaces.Mystical Ocean Necklace Kit - Vintaj filigree bead jewelry kit

What are you willing to let go of in order to create something new?  If nothing immediately comes to mind, consider letting go of one of these: thinking you aren’t good enough, telling yourself you are not creative, comparing yourself to others, or trying to please someone else.

Letting go doesn’t have to be an event, like you have to get divorced before you can marry again.  It can be a daily practice to enrich your creativity.  Everyday you can ask yourself: what am I letting go of and what do I want to being forth?

Vicki Lapp


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