I don’t have time for beading. Is it true?

Minuet Earrings Bead Kit

Minuet Earring Kit - designed by Lydia Chapman

Sometimes, when I think of all of the pressures I feel to get work done, I believe that I don’t have time for or need for doing something just for the fun of it.  Even though I have a business that is for the most part about fun and creativity, I get caught up in focusing on the “work” part of it.  But it is in taking time away from what feels urgent that refreshing and creative solutions to the work problems arise.

More than just taking time away from the problems, but actually doing something that feels honoring to my joyful spirit seems to bring me more dominion over the problems.  It shines a whole new light on my brain.  And I realize that doing the playful, non-achievement-oriented activity was vital to my soul, and also makes me more effective at the “work.”

Vicki Lapp


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