Dying for Beads?

Dying for Beads?

Autumn Love Earrings

Autumn Love Earrings - Click to see more bead kits

I’m delighted by our new window display, designed and installed by local creative person and former retail store owner, Angela Brahm.
It is filled with lots of fun creative touches, including a spider taking local designer Susan Weston’s necklaces into her web, and a skeleton flaunting the Autumn Love Necklace. Come by and check it out!

Swarovski Lavendar pearls - new color this season

Swarovski lavendar crystal pearls - new color this season

You want to make sure to finish your Halloween costume off with the appropriate jewelry… this will make it! It is easier to recognize Princess Die when she is wearing her signature pearl necklace.  We’ve got the lowest prices available on Swarovski pearls, which are the best faux pearls available.  Besides, beads are reusable! After Halloween, you can remake them into something new.

Witch's Brew Charm

Witch's Brew Charm

Even if all you’re going to do is hand out candy, then make a cute, simple pair of earrings with a couple of Halloween charms or wear a glow in the dark skull necklace.

While you’re here, see what’s new in jewelry made with Vintaj nickel-free brass components, including new beading kits!


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